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Birth of the child

ViestiLähetetty: 04.12.2023 23:23
Kirjoittaja Asha
My due date is 9 December which is quite near. However, I don’t feel any different from earlier. No painful contractions or so. I am confused about should I must have some sort of symptoms of upcoming labor?
If labor doesn’t occur naturally by 40 weeks what will happen? Is labor inducing painful than natural labor? Is there any complications?

Re: Birth of the child

ViestiLähetetty: 09.12.2023 19:16
Kirjoittaja Terveydenhoitaja Nina

Dont worry, it is okay not to feel anything special/contractions. If baby is not born yet, you will have appointment in hospital week 41+. Doctor will make a plan how to continue. Usually it is okay to wait till 42+0 but then labour will be induced. There is always some sort of pain when giving birth but also same possibilities to have painkillers. With induced labour there is a bit higher risk to end up with c-section.